The Royal Belgian Association of the Chocolate, Pralines, Biscuits and Confectionary Industries

About us

Who are we?

Choprabisco is the Belgian industry association for companies that produce and/or market chocolate, pralines, biscuits, and confectionery in Belgium.

Our list of members includes 170 small, medium-sized and large companies, ranging from one-man and family businesses to international companies.

Combined, our members account for around 90% of the chocolate, biscuits and confectioneryindustry’s turnover, i.e. 7.7 billion euros in Belgium, and 14,200 jobs. Which is 14% of all jobs in the Belgian food industry.


Choprabisco defends and promotes the interests of its members with the authorities and other societal stakeholders to ensure helpful laws and regulations whilst seeking clarification on the implementation of such legislation. As part of these endeavours, we are in regular contact with the Federal Public Services (Ministries of) Economic Affairs, Public Health & the Environment, Foreign Affairs, the ministers’ offices and the regional export agencies (FIT, AWEX,

Choprabisco puts members in touch with each other and organises networking events as part of annual general meetings, information sessions and workshops.

The integrated membership with Fevia enables Choprabisco to focus on specific topics that are relevant to the industry. Check out "Topics" to find out which issues and subjects we concentrate on. For the topics that are relevant to the whole food industry(such associal affairs, environmental issues, energy, competitiveness, exports, etc.) Choprabisco calls on Fevia’s experts.

We act as the industry’s spokesperson in the media and as its representative with external parties, at a national as well as European level.

In Europe too, we are well represented through the European Caobisco industry association which represents 14 national associations from around the EU and 10 large industry players and which serves as the point of contact for topics at EU level.



Philippe de Selliers, Chairman
Guy Gallet, Secretary-General
Mieke Callebaut, Adviser
Pascale Foltin, Assistant

Wetenschapsstraat 14
1040 Brussels

VAT reg. no.: BE 0408.961.106

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Key figures

Home to 14,200 employees (14% of the Belgian food industry) and effecting an annual turnover of nearly 7.7 billion euros (10% of the Belgian food industry), the Belgian chocolate, praline, biscuit, and confectionery industry is one of the main sub-sectors of the Belgian food industry.


Choprabisco has the expertise and closely follows up on all developments and new laws and regulations in the areas that are relevant to the sector. We initiate schemes and advise our members thereon.

Read on below to discover the key topics for our sector.

Our ambitions


Choprabisco Sustainability
Choprabisco Talent


Along with Fevia, Choprabisco supports its members with advice and guidance in facing the various challenges surrounding jobs and talent, helps them find their way around the complex labour and social security legislation whilst staging training courses and seminars on current issues.


The topic of “Innovation” is another aspect that receives special attention in the Strategic Vision for 2030 for the sector. In the Innovation working group we first and foremost focus on “Belgian chocolate”. How do we continue to differentiate ourselves?

  • National and international awards or tokens for innovations from our members
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  • Choprabisco participates at the World Cocoa Conference 2024
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Choprabisco Innovation

Our expertises

Food legislation and food safety

Our engagements

Code of conduct to safeguard Belgian chocolate

In 2008, Choprabisco introduced a code of conduct to protect Belgian manufacturers and consumers against foreign producers that wrongfully use the “Belgian chocolate” indication.

Responsible advertising aimed at children

With the self-regulation initiative the Belgian Pledge, the food industry takes the commitment to substantially drive down the exposure of children to food marketing and food publicity. Over the years, these undertakings have been repeatedly tightened.

The latest news from our members

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Fuji Oil halves amount of saturated fat in products in dedicated range

David Maenhout proclaimed “Belgium Chocolate Personality of the Year”

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Gudrun celebrates 80 years of great taste and innovation

Chocolatier Vandenbulcke wins award at ISM 2022 with cocoa fruit pulp

Our members

Over 170 companies are fully signed up Choprabisco members, jointly accounting for some 90% of the industry’s total turnover.

All members operate in one of the four sub-sectors:

  • chocolate B2B and ingredients
  • chocolate B2C
  • biscuits
  • confectionery

The individual company hyperlinks will take you to the fact sheet of each member at the website:

If you wish to see an overview of the companies that operate in a specific product category, select “Product type” and then select “Advanced selection”.

If you wish to make a selection based on

  • specific customer groups (B2B, private label, food services, etc.), select “Customer”
  • product characteristics (gluten-free, organic, halal, vegan, etc.), select “Specialties”

Chocolate B2B and ingredients

Discover our members here


Why sign up as a member?

As a Choprabisco member you are strengthening your market position and contributing towards a corporate socially responsible climate of the chocolate, praline, biscuits and confectionery industry.

Working in tandem with Fevia, we uphold and promote your interests, work to achieve positive industrial relations, keep you up to date on the latest laws and regulations that apply to the industry, and we boost innovation.

In doing so, we make the following pledges:

  • you have a say in and influence over legislation and regulations, at regional, federal as well as European level
  • you broaden your network
  • you keep up to date with all the latest news from the industry
  • you have an expert at hand for several aspects of your business operations and/or we will refer you to pertinent service providers.
How to sign up as a member
To find out which companies are Choprabisco members
Go to the “Members” section

All companies - artisanal family businesses, SMEs, and multinationals – that produce chocolate, pralines, biscuits or confectionery in the European Union and have an operations site in Belgium can sign up as Choprabisco members.

What our members say about Choprabisco

“It is important to know and feel that there are people behind you who work to serve your interests. Where the door is always open to listen and where the advice you are given is rooted in knowledge and experience. Thank you very much Choprabisco”.

Chocolaterie Kristof De Graeve

“At all times, Choprabisco provides us with the extra information we need, the extra expertise and the extra support that helps us keep up with the constantly changing laws and regulations, at European as well as national level. Choprabisco also allows us to be part of an exciting network of colleagues and other stakeholders from our industry, which acts to stimulate dialogue and experiences to be exchanged. And finally, they defend our interests as chocolatiers with various official bodies on important topics such as sustainability, chain consultation, etc. where we would not have the slightest impact as individual chocolatiers, whilst these are the very topics that will greatly impact our future operations.”

Confiserie Elise

“Our process, which is "sugar and chocolate coated products", is singular and unique on the Belgian market. Despite this, we receive the support and attention we need when it comes to changes in legislation or European decisions that are relevant to us. We are happy to be part of the Belgian Choprabisco association”.

De Bock

“As B2B producers of specialty chocolate, coatings & fillings, we are deeply grateful to the Choprabisco team for their guidance in dealing with a number of complex issues. Given the many challenges ahead, Choprabisco is certain to continue to play a major role in keeping us informed and bringing us together as an industry”.

Fuji Oil Europe

“Choprabisco allows us to keep up to date with changes in laws and regulations and with incidents in our sector of industry. These are not things we are able to constantly devote much attention to. Choprabisco’s door is always open when we need specific expertise and support. We also get sent information about modifications to the self-checking system and Choprabisco lays on the appropriate training. Our thanks for the great networking events!”

Lilly’s Cakes – Bakkerij Thyssen

“We’d like to thank you for the support you gave us in discussing our issue with the authorities. Your support, expertise and commitment meant that this issue was raised with the relevant authorities in a neutral and professional manner and also ended up getting resolved”.

Natra Malle

“Our heartfelt thanks to Choprabisco for the efforts, for listening and for being so quick to respond. They did a great job during Covid!”


How to sign up as a member of Choprabisco?

Contact Choprabisco’s administrative department on a no-obligation basis by mail ( and we will get back to you in person to discuss your membership request.

Contact us

Integrated Choprabisco-Fevia membership

We have an integrated Choprabisco-Fevia membership, which means that to sign up as a Choprabisco member, you also need to be become a member of Fevia, the food industry association.

The reason is simple: Choprabisco follows up on the topics that are specific to the chocolate, pralines, biscuits and confectionery sector, whereby Fevia deals with the horizontal dossiers that are relevant to all food companies. Doing so allows us to provide a fully-fledged range of services and work efficiently.


How much is the Choprabisco membership fee?

Membership fees are based on the average added value of the last three reference years (for the 2024 fee, the reference years are 2019, 2020 and 2021).
Click here to see how we determine the added value.

Choprabisco’s fee coefficient is currently 0.030% (i.e. 300 euros per million euros in added value) with a minimum fee of 200 euros.

Fevia’s fee coefficient is currently 0.059% with a minimum fee of 100 euros.
The amounts are exclusive of 21% vat.