About Choprabisco

The Royal Belgian Association of the Chocolate, Pralines, Biscuit and Confectionary, abbreviated Choprabisco, counts 170 members, going from the craft businesses and SMB's to the multinationals companies.

Economical importance

Among the different branches of the Belgian food industry, the Biscuit, Chocolate, Pralines and Confectionary branch represents 11% of its global turnover, 14% of its employment and 15 % of its exports.

The Belgian sector for Biscuit, Chocolate, Pralines and Confectionary counts 337 companies, 13.137 employments and realise a turnover of 6,2 billion euro.

(Source : Federal Public Service Economy, 2020)



  • Followed up files
Hand out relevant information over the existent legislation concerning food policy and trade of the sector and collaborate to the accomplishment of an appropriated legal frame to promote the economical activities of our members.

More particular Choprabisco is active in

  • Belgian and European food legislation as far as they are specific for our sector, for example legislation on chocolate, contaminants (acrylamid), nutrition (trans fatty acids) ...
  • The elaboration of an "Autocontrol guide" to help the companies to implement the Belgian legal decision on autocontrol, obliged notification and tracability; the organisation of training in collaboration of IFP (the specific Belgian training organisation for the Food industry) to learn to the companies how to use the guide.
  • Trade reglementation and the European policy on the dispositions of the market of agricultural raw materials (more particular sugar), import and export reglementation (export restitutions, active improvement) to maintain the competition of our companies save on the world market.

Subjects which are not specific to our sector, such as labelling, hygiene, GMO, authorized additives, are treated by FEVIA.

Files and questions on social and environmental affairs are exclusively followed up by FEVIA.


  • Generic promotion of the image of the Belgian confectionary industry by
  • working out a documentation about our products
  • support actions in collaboration with the federations of sugar and soft drinks and the Olympic Health Foundation in the primary schools regarding "snacks" and "tooth hygiene"
  • contesting the illegal use in foreign countries of the appelation "Belgian ..." for products which are not produced in Belgium (Belgian Chocolate Code).


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